Frequently Asked Questions



Will My Factory Camera Work With My New Stereo?


Almost all factory fitted reversing cameras will work with an aftermarket unit , so long as the camera is in a working state when we begin work on your vehicle. We have developed our own way of converting these cameras to work and pride ourselves in this. It's just one more way we can keep all our installs looking "discreet".

Can My Alarm Be Louder Than Just A Siren?


Most alarms we are able to connect a deafening internal siren as well as honk the vehicles horns. This is a very loud and unique noise which will be sure to scare off any intruder in a flash, as well as alert anybody nearby.

Can My Japanese Stereo & Maps Be Changed To English?

Unfortunately, No.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we have, and while we have looked into ways of converting the units to English, we have yet to find a way how. However we can change out almost all aftermarket Japanese units to a New Zealand unit and reconnect any existing cameras, roof mounted screens & steering wheel controls to your new unit. 

How Far Do You Travel?

Although we are based in the Wellington region  we generally travel as far north as Masterton on SH2 and as far as Waikanae on SH1. We have traveled as far south as Christchurch to do a week of installs and a run of specials, as well as up as far as Auckland. Travel charges do apply, but when enough jobs are booked these travel charges can become very affordable. Feel free to get in touch with us and we can discuss some options with you.

What Alarm Do I Need?

The right alarm can be a tough and confusing choice for many people. Vehicles can be compared to people in the sense that "one size fits all" generally doesn't work too well. Because of this we highly recommend you get in touch with us to discuss the features you are after and what sort of vehicle you have. This helps us make sure you are getting the best alarm for your needs and vehicle.

Please be aware that most modern vehicles are now equipped with a system known as CAN-BUS. This really narrows down the alarm choices, but almost every car will have an alarm which will suit and work perfectly. 

Can I Add An Aux Input To My Factory Stereo?


Any factory stereo can be upgraded to have an AUX input or even Bluetooth audio streaming. Prices can vary significantly depeneding on what features you require, such as hands free for phone calls and USB inputs. But a basic input for some vehicles can start from as low as $59 installed. 

Do You Offer Finance?

At the moment, No.

Although we don't currently offer finance it is something we have been asked about a few times and we are looking into this. We should have finance available soon, so watch this space!
We do accept Visa and MasterCard.

Can My Japanese Stereo Work With NZ Radio?


All Japanese vehicles can be fitted with what's called a Band Expander. Japanese stereos can only receive frequencies from 76mhz to 90mhz. New Zealand radio is generally broadcasted from 88mhz and above. How a band expander works is by shifting the incoming radio frequencies from above 90mhz down to a range the Japanese stereo can pick up. We use 14mhz band expanders here in Wellington as 10mhz tends to have a lot of interference with popular radio stations. 

As an example of a Japanese stereo that has been fitted with one of our band expanders. The Edge which is 91.7mhz, will now be received on 77.7mhz.