Front and Rear Parking Sensor Kit

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All cars have blindspots which mean it is possible to drive without seeing what is in your vehicles path. Keep other people and animals safe and help protect your vehicle from expensive dents and scratches by fitting parking sensors. They also help make parking a breeze!

Eight sensors are included for the vehicles bumpers and a buzzer audio warning changes speed as you get closer to an object. The rear sensors automatically come on when the vehicle is put in reverse, and the front sensors automatically come on when the vehicles brakes are applied, and stay on for a short time afterwards. Price includes installation and colourmatched sensors for your vehicle - excludes custom paints and pearlescents.

  • 8x ultrasonic sensors for the bumpers
  • Rear auto on when the vehicle is put in reverse
  • Front Auto on with the brakes
  • Audible Buzzer warning
  • Additional Display Optional