Reariew Mirror Monitor & Camera Bundle, INSTALLED

Reariew Mirror Monitor & Camera Bundle, INSTALLED

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The AVS RM43B a premium replacement rear view mirror monitor. These models replace your vehicle’s rear view mirror and will work as both a rear view mirror and an LCD monitor. When the car is put in reverse the camera image automatically comes up on the monitor. Otherwise it looks and performs like a rear view mirror.

The super bright screen provides true OEM quality with the advantage of adding reversing safety and convenience. They are compatible with most makes and models of vehicles with various mounting options.

The brilliant 1500cd/m2 4.3” screen is one of the brightest available on the market. With a built-in ambient light sensor and high reflectivity this LCD monitor will show a clear and bright image in all lighting conditions.

The monitor has dual video inputs so can be connected to a camera and other video source (such as an in-car DVD player) or to a second camera.